This is the official web site of Sugatani Hot Springs, a hot springs and inn located in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture.

Map and directions

By car:

  • Tokyo (Tomei, Meishin Expressways — 5 hours) to Maibara (Hokuriku Expressway)
  • Osaka (Meishin Expressway, 1.5 hours) to Maibara (Hokuriku Expressway)
    Maibara Interchange (10 mins) to Nagahama Interchange
    Nagahama Interchange (20 mins) to Sugatani Hot Springs

By train/bullet train

  • Tokyo (Hikari, 2 hours) to Nagoya (Kodama, 30 mins) to Maibara
  • Shin-Osaka (Kodama, 45 mins) to Maibara (JR, 15 mins) to Nagahama
    Maibara to Sugatani Hot Springs (30 mins by car)
    Nagahama to Sugatani Hot Springs (15 mins by car)
    Kawake to Sugatani Hot Springs (shuttle)